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A David Wenham Lims Competition
24th-Mar-2008 10:05 pm - Final Challenge, Round two results
mass effect, shepard
 Thank you everyone for your patience, I wish I could say It's taken so long because I've been trying to build the suspense, however, we've been so closely neck in neck that ties have been hard to break, without further waiting, the new holder of the title "Best David Wenham Icon Maker" is...

Whose icons:
recieved 17 positive votes. 

our runner up is quiddity_ who recieved 15 positive votes!! If you would like to read your comments, comment below!
3rd-Mar-2008 08:12 am - Final Challenge Voting - Reminder
mass effect, shepard
This is  your reminder to vote for the wenham_lims final challenge here
26th-Feb-2008 07:32 pm - Final Challenge Voting
mass effect, shepard
 Eliminated: gossymer


→ Voting will last 24+ hours. The results will be posted asap depending on the number of votes we have. It would be appreciated if you voted, though you are not required to. You do not need to be a participant to vote.
→ Vote for 1 icon of the BEST quality for each part of the challenge. Just because you don't like an icon doesn't mean it's the worst quality. Providing a reason for your vote is not required but is encouraged. Also vote for one favorite out of all four icons.
→ Participants in this challenge are not aloud to vote.

Here's an example of how to vote:

A: 1- very nice cropping
B: 2 - lovely coloring and attention to detail 

2B: The best icon of all! Brilliant text and coloring!

12th-Feb-2008 09:20 pm - Final challenge ending soon!
mass effect, shepard
 We're waiting on one more set of icons from one of our final contributers-- It's going to be a smashing good finale to this round so everyone please get ready for voting, which will be up within the next couple of days.
28th-Jan-2008 08:16 am - Final Challenge
mass effect, shepard
I'm a couple of  weeks late, but I hope everyone is ready to take a crack at the final challenge!  mata090680, gossymer, and quiddity_ are our final contestants.
 → Icons should meet LJ standards (no larger than 100x100 or 40kb)
→ Only use the screencap(s) provided. Brushes, textures and stock images are allowed. 
→ You must be one of the final three to participate. You can see the current participants list here.
→ Do not post your entries anywhere until the voting is over and results announced. Do not submit a previously made icon. If you break one of these rules, you will be disqualified.
→ You may not use a skip for this round.
→ Post your entry in a comment to this post. Submit your entry in both IMG SRC and URL formats. Comments will be screened
So that's a total of two icons each, due two weeks from now, on FEB 11. You have lot's of time, so please get your icons in!
9th-Jan-2008 08:19 am - Challenge Six
mass effect, shepard
 This is just a reminder for the final three participants -- mata090680, gossymer, and quiddity_ -- that challenge six will be posted Monday January 14th. Please remember to check back in then. I hope everyone had a fantastic couple weeks of holiday :)
10th-Dec-2007 09:01 am - Round Two Challenge 5 Results
mass effect, shepard
Crazyvictoria with -3
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Sorry to see you go  

Voters Choice
mata090680 with +5

Mods choice
gossymer - I love the emphasis the background gives to Faramir, and his hair is extracted perfectly from the background, which is bloody hard to do. So kudos.

the updated list of participants is here.
7th-Dec-2007 11:11 pm - Voting Reminder
mass effect, shepard

Results still not posted at wenham_lims -- why you wonder? Well I'll tell you why. It's because as of yet, (its been a full week), I still only have two votes in. Somewhere four finalists are sitting around waiting to find out if they're still in and I can't tell them because two votes is not enough to decide that. Please, vote here.

I know they're all lovely icons, but someone has to go.
4th-Dec-2007 06:26 pm - Voting Reminder
mass effect, shepard

This is your reminder to vote for challenge 5, this is going to bring us down to our final three people! This is a big deal! We need lots of votes to make it fair so please vote here

1st-Dec-2007 10:33 pm - Round Two Challenge 5 Voting
mass effect, shepard
Eliminated: Xeyra, faded_icons

 → Voting will last 24+ hours. It would be appreciated if you voted, though you are not required to. You do not need to be a participant to vote.
→ Vote for 1 icon of LEAST quality. Vote according to lesser quality. Do not vote according to personal taste or your vote will not be counted (keep the words "I don't like..." out of your votes). Just because you don't like an icon doesn't mean it's the worst quality. Include a valid reason with each icon you vote off. If you do not provide an explanation as to why you're voting an icon off, your vote WILL NOT be counted. We will inform you if you need to change something with your comment. Think carefully about your choices. Look at things like image quality, cropping, coloring, brushwork and text placement. Keep in mind that the icon makers will probably be reading the reasons for your vote. Be critical, but not too rude and don't attack a style or technique in general.
→ Also, vote for one favorite. You are not required to give a reason, although you are welcome to, if you'd like. Don't vote for your own icon.

Here's an example of how to vote:

43: The icon is very blurry and the color doesn't compliment the screencap. 

Favorite: 30 


Voting is now closed -- thank you to everyone who voted from other communities, I really apreciate it.
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